Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Agrefunds-Assetcompany provides full Service focused on Gold, Agriculture,retirement planning,Oil and Gas Market,We are among the best companies to grow your money everyday,we have professionals workers that handles our businesses and Capitals on a daily basis.

Registration process is very easy and will take a few moments to complete Simply click CREATE ACCOUNT button and fill in all the required fields

To deposit funds in your trading account is quick and simple. For your convenience you may choose one of the several available deposit methods. To make a successful deposit please follow the steps below:

  • Login to your account Click on the New Investment button in the DASHBOARD section.
  • Choose the deposit option And fill the form including the amount and the package.
  • You will receive the wallet address to make payment to on the next page. After payment, contact support.
  • Once your deposit has been confirmed, the status of the investment will change to Ongoing which means that it has been confirmed and your investment started.

Your deposit will be reflected immediately once it is confirmed on the blockchain network

To make a withdrawal request click the WITHDRAW button at the top center of your Agrefunds-Asset account dashboard and input the required details to withdraw

Once we receive your withdrawal request we process immediately and send to your USDT wallet

No you cannot have more than one account only investors on the vip plan are allowed to do so

Yes we are officially and properly registered with the united kingdom company house our company registration number is 138898 and registered with the name Agrefunds-Asset LTD

We do not allow multiple accounts except only for our investors on the VIP plan

Yes you can make as many deposit as you want on any of our investment plans except the starter plan where you can only invest 3 times after which you make a choice to continue investing with us or not